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I'm at least lucky because I can do something about it most of the time. Most people can't All of that said, you probably won't find anyone who lives in Munich and totally hates it. Munich is also a place where you will have to make your own experience in order to judge it. No two people's experiences are the same so I'm not really sure that whatever you read on this thread will help you a great deal.

It will depend on if you are white or dark-skinned, whether you have money and can live in relative comfort or not, whether you have a job or not, and if you do, whether you will be working in a company or are a freelancer for which I am thankful a great deal. One of the complaints I've heard from fellow expats regardless of skin color is how the work environment can sometimes be unfriendly or downright hostile.

But personally, I don't know. I usually get "du" when I'm casually dressed and "Sie" when I'm well-dressed. Although as a dark-skinned person, don't be alarmed if you get "du" from some people or in stores anyway no matter what you wear and no matter if you address them with "Sie". Stereotypes die hard in Germany and skin color is only one of many. I'm so sorry to go and and on about skin color but it was merely triggered by the comment which I've heard a thousand times already that there's no racism in Munich.

From people who have no idea what it is to be dark-skinned!! It will also depend on how you are as a person. I have a very good friend who is also African-American and speaks perfect German, compared to mine. He even studied Germanistic at the Uni in Heidelberg. He goes to and from work everyday on the bus with headphones and his iPod pumping out music.

He can ignore all the people staring at him this way and this is his way of blocking the world out. This works for him and he absolutely loves it in Munich. This wouldn't work for me though so we each have to find our own way. It will also depend on if you speak German and how good your German is in the long run. Now, Münchners are usually friendly on the street if your native tongue is English.

People love to practice their English and you will basically have to beg your friends and acquaintances to speak German with you so you can learn. I have a musician colleague who has been living in Munich for about 20 years and has never learned to speak German! But it DOES matter if you want to be taken seriously outside of your social circle. You will need it for legal things, to fit in better in society, to survive properly and be able to fight whatever verbal spats come your way and there are surprisingly many.

This helped keep me here and get me to this point. How do you blend in and be accepted by locals? Every culture has their quirks and Germany is no exception. Also, learning the language is a huge part. Did you have to learn a new language? How did you go about learning the language and how long did it take you to become fluent? When I moved to Prague I spent the first 6 months learning Czech.

Then I met my future German husband in Munich and within a few weeks switched gears entirely and started on German. I taught myself the first level before moving to Germany and then spent my first two months there taking intensive courses. I think what helped me learn the language the most was my attitude. What has been the most shocking thing you learned about the local culture? Jaywalking is a big deal no-no here in Germany.

I noticed this when I first moved to Prague, and for some reason assumed it was just a Czech thing, maybe something left over from Communist time. Then I went to Munich and met Mr. On our second date, we were walking down the street at night, and things were pretty much deserted. We got to the light and he stopped for a moment, but then I guess he wanted to show off, so he looked both ways and then oh-so-brazenly led me over the read. What a risk taker! What is your number one tip about how to live life as an ex-pat?

It was you, after all, who chose to move there. What do you love most about living abroad? Not only does it make traveling easy, but living here I meet people from other places on a daily basis. Did you make the move solo? Or are you with a spouse or significant other, other members of your family, or friend s?

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